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Radiantly Warm Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes built by a world renowned thermal solar and hydronics expert. Nicely finished with LOADS of modern and practical details…

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Equipped with 2-Kyocera 120W, 12VDC solar PV modules with hinge mounts for generating power anywhere.


Tag-along deck provides extra room for sunset gazing and container gardening.


Hydronic, radiant floor and wall heat, with Roth Radiant Panels

Tiny Homes for Sale


Built by a world renowned thermal solar and hydronics expert, this gem of a tiny home would be perfect for an extra family member, remote office or as a vacation home (sleeps 2, or 3 if you're thin!) Colorful, and nicely finished with loads of practical details, including radiantly warm wall and floors, multiple 12-volt outlets, hdmi connection, a space-making “murphy” bed, and spacious kitchen area.  PV solar panels/battery storage [...]