Built by a world renowned thermal solar and hydronics expert, this gem of a tiny home would be perfect for an extra family member, remote office or as a vacation home (sleeps 2, or 3 if you’re thin!) Colorful, and nicely finished with loads of practical details, including radiantly warm wall and floors, multiple 12-volt outlets, hdmi connection, a space-making “murphy” bed, and spacious kitchen area.  PV solar panels/battery storage provide extra oomph.  The mechanical systems are super-efficient, and installed by licensed contractors.  The tag-along deck provides extra room for sunset gazing and container gardening.

Hotrod says…

“In 1983, I bought a piece of property in Whitefish, MT.  It had a oabin on it.  11*15 feet, kinda, as it wasn’t quite plumb.  The ‘foundation’ was four rocks, so the place tipped just a bit as you walked from one end to the other.  The term hadn’t been coined yet, but it was a tiny house.  I loved it.  The tiny house movement inspired me to apply my solar, plumbing, carpentry and welding skills to building a fine, functional and fun little home.”

ShowMe Tiny Homes LLC  Starlighter1 Built 2016-17

  • 160 square feet THOW (20X8’)
  • New Missouri D.O.T. trailer,  9,900 GVW both axles have brakes, electric breakaway brake. black powder coat, adjustable hitch 2-5/16 coupler
  • 2X6 floor joist 16” on center,  5- 5-1/2” EXP foam in floor joist, metal pan below joists
  • ¾” Advantech floor decking glued and screwed
  • 2X4 wall framing 16” OC glued, 3-1/2” rigid and spray foam insulation
  • ½” Zip sheathing, all framing and sheathing glued to framing, sheathing covers rim joist
  • 2X6” rafter truss, spray foam, Simpson hurricane clipped
  • ½ CDX roof sheeting, glued and galvanized ring nails
  • Hydronic, radiant floor and wall heat, with Roth Radiant Panels
  • 2-Kyocera 120W, 12VDC solar PV modules, hinge mount,  110 AH deep-cycle battery
  • Midnite Solar “Brat” charge controller
  • Midnite Solar DIN breakers, Blue Sea 12V fuse block
  • 4- 12VDC receptacles USB plug and battery voltage display
  • 100Amp breaker panel, 1-1/4 conduit stubbed out bottom
  • 50A RV connector on front of trailer
  • exterior 120V receptacle and 12VDC
  • LED ceiling lighting
  • 32” fiberglass shower stall one piece, Delta single handle faucet
  • Flush toilet, prewired 120V for composting toilet
  • Wood cabinets, two banks of drawers, 1 door base 15 x 22 stainless sink, Delta faucet Granite top 70” of counter length
  • Hot/ cold frost free exterior faucet, for outdoor shower vehicle or pet washing
  • 6,000 lb tie downs on four corners
  • Pre-piped for LP of NG at mechanical room and under kitchen, stubbed under both ends of trailer
  • Plumbing, electrical and roofing by licensed contractors
  • Twin size murphy bed, horizontal mount
  • Bamboo dining table converts to single bed, 70” long, large storage drawers below
  • Bamboo flooring, composite flooring in bathroom
  • Large closet 60X32 with SlatWal and clothes bar
  • Quaker thermal break aluminum single hung windows with screen kelly green
  • Lincoln wood window in bath with screen
  • TPO roof installed by Cardinal Commercial Roofing Inc
  • 8X4 pressure treated deck, mounts on front of trailer for travel
  • House is bolted to trailer with grade 8 bolts and could be lifted off trailer
  • Weighs approx. 8,880 lbs, overall height @10-8” very energy efficient
  • Appliances…
    • 9.9 cubic foot refrigerator, fastened to wall framing
    • Cusimax 2 burner infrared  stove top 120V portable
    • Large capacity toaster oven
    • Acer LCD R240HQ 24” monitor on Cheetah swivel mount
    • 12 gallon hot water tank 120V
    • Thermo 2000 Mini BTU electric boiler for radiant floor, 3KW  glycol freeze protection

Builder:  Bob “Hotrod” Rohr – master plumber, solar and hydronics expert

List Price: $29,750

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About the Author:

I enjoy tinkering with any mechanical device, I have a long history of that:) My work has been focused on energy moved by water and fluids. The tiny house movement inspired me to apply my solar, plumbing, carpentry and welding skills to building a fine, functional and fun little home.


  1. Nancy "JGillingham-Sanders" Crow April 15, 2017 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    I see Starlighter 1, do you have any other models? I too have an interest in energy efficiency, i.e., solar, radiant heating, efficient living, etc. I am currently living on early social security and until I can secure other employment, I have to rent from other people. I REALLY want to be in my own place again, my own kitchen, etc. I felt the tiny house might be the way to go, however, I lack a few resources. Could you tell me how much and your other models, if any, and if you have any employment opportunities. I can always do office work or handi work.

  2. Lori April 17, 2017 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    Hi, Bob. I’m not interested in buying a tiny home — I just love to look at them! — but I want to commend you for not pricing your home out of reach for the average person. I see so many tiny homes listed for astronomical prices! Kudos to you for building a home that the average college graduate, recent divorcee, or retired person can afford.

  3. […] just $35,000 – and downright intriguing when you learn a little more about it. The just-finished Starlighter1 is the first home from Bob “Hotrod” Rohr’s new company ShowMe Tiny Homes. ShowMe is located, […]

  4. Lynne April 17, 2017 at 11:49 pm - Reply

    Extremely well planned and executed. I have been following this “tiny house” world for 13 years. Love all the important details. This is the best tiny house I have found. Just love, love, love it!

  5. June 16, 2017 at 4:39 am - Reply

    I like everything about it. Personally for me it wouldn’t make sense to have a full size fridge without an oven. I would opt for a medium to smaller size frig either under the counter and put in a stove top and larger sink. I couldn’t tell if the fridge was up against the window? I like the color scheme and the solar as I live in Florida. I also liked the tie downs up at the corners. I also like the price. That’s a great price since you’re getting radiant heat flooring and solar power. How durable is cork flooring?

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