Bob Rohr

Bob “Hotrod” Rohr
Master Plumber, Solar and Hydronics Expert

About Show-Me Tiny Homes

Hi, I’m Bob “Hotrod” Rohr. I enjoy tinkering with any mechanical device, I have a long history of that:) My work has been focused on energy moved by water and fluids. Solar thermal and hydronic, water based heating, are my favorite topics and projects.

My plumbing and mechanical background keeps me interested and intrigued. I spend most of my waking hours sharing my experiences and learning from others.

In 1983, I bought a piece of property in Whitefish, MT.  It had a cabin on it.  11×15 feet, kinda, as it wasn’t quite plumb.  The ‘foundation’ was four rocks, so the place tipped just a bit as you walked from one end to the other.  The term hadn’t been coined yet, but it was a tiny house.  I loved it.  The tiny house movement inspired me to apply my solar, plumbing, carpentry and welding skills to building a fine, functional and fun little home.