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Radiantly Warm Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes built by a world renowned thermal solar and hydronics expert. Nicely finished with LOADS of modern and practical details…

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Equipped with 2-Kyocera 120W, 12VDC solar PV modules with hinge mounts for generating power anywhere.


Tag-along deck provides extra room for sunset gazing and container gardening.


Hydronic, radiant floor and wall heat, with Roth Radiant Panels

Tiny Homes for Sale


Built by a world renowned thermal solar and hydronics expert, this gem of a tiny home would be perfect for an extra family member, remote office, or vacation home (sleeps 3, on Full XL and single beds)! Colorful, and nicely finished with loads of practical details, including radiantly warm wall and floors, multiple 12-volt outlets, hdmi connection, and spacious kitchen area. By popular demand, builder recently updated with extra long, [...]